Hello! I'm Christina! 
Welcome to the School of Home Ownership.

The School of Home Ownership is all about building a strong foundation to reach your property and finance goals. The school's aim is to help you get there through a range of courses, coaching and finance solutions.

Your Biggest Question: 
"Is The School of Home Ownership for me?"

Do you ask yourself these questions:
  • How do I jump from being a renter to a homeowner?
  • How do I save enough to purchase my first home?
  • How do I change my situation to buy an investment property?
  • My finances are a mess, I need guidance to get on track.
  • How do I become debt-free quicker?
  • I have so many questions about property and finance, and I don't know which route to go?

Then the answer is.... Absolutely, Yes!

Start the Process of Owning Your Own Home
7 Essential Street Smarts to Getting Your Own Home

Christina Jamieson

Over the last 20 years, I have enjoyed helping people take the leap and go to the next level, whether its their first home or next investment property.

We are dedicated to guiding both renters and long-term investors.

No two people are alike, yet with our street-smarts, everyone can accelerate their property and finance goals.
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